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Affordable Luxury Top 8 Panjabi Price in Bangladesh

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Style Guide

1.Panjabi Pairing

  • Mix a classic white Panjabi with neutral-toned chinos for a sophisticated casual look.
  • Elevate your formal attire by pairing a intricately designed Panjabi with tailored trousers.

2.Occasion-Specific Wardrobe Planning

  • Keep a navy blue Panjabi for formal events like weddings or celebrations.
  • Own a versatile black Panjabi for evening gatherings or cultural festivals.

3.Fabric Care Wisdom

  • For cotton Panjabis, cold water wash and air drying maintain fabric integrity.
  • Dry clean silk Panjabis to preserve their sheen and texture.


  • Accentuate a plain Panjabi with a contrasting embroidered kurta for added flair.
  • Opt for classic leather khussa shoes to complement your traditional look.

5.Seasonal Panjabi Selection

  • Choose lightweight linen Panjabis for summer events.
  • Embrace the warmth of velvet or wool Panjabis during the winter months.

6.Personalized Touch Showcase

  • Consider adding a personalized monogram or embroidery to your Panjabi.
  • Mix and match contrasting color combinations to reflect your unique style.

7.Confidence Chronicles

  • Embrace bold Panjabi choices that reflect your personality.
  • Strut with confidence, knowing that your unique style is a celebration of cultural heritage.

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